Sunday, 30 December 2012

Marlboro Man

Marlboro man is such a bullshit image for a perfect guy. And have to speak to my guy friends and ask them why the hell do they think that a guy in a cowboy hat and a lasso is appealing because as far as my understanding goes me or None of the women I know find an unshaven, untidy man covered in mud, going for the “ Cigarette in my hand, I feel like a man” look appealing at all. In fact it’s the exact opposite. It’s appalling!

My father owned a ranch back in America, When I was a li’l girl. This compels every guy I’ve dated and shared this fact with to dress up as a cowboy and turn up in front of me. Thinking they’re doing something special for me.

Each and every guy I’ve dated!!!!!

So finally when I met Akash, I told this to him and he made it a point to never do this for me! As happy as I am for his consideration one tiny glitch in the whole thing is, showing him pictures of my family.

Everyone in my family is blessed by the hair god! Everyone is my family has a beard or a mustache at least! Believe me even some women but they just refuse to believe me!

Akash refused to shave even after I repeatedly told him how much I hated it! He said he wants to impress my family in the trip we were taking to see them.

One morning I took the razor from his toiletries pouch and stood right on top of him! I threatened him (Was my last ditch attempt) And Akash has never seen me threaten anything or anyone so was completely taken back.

I threatened him by hovering his precious annoying 10 day old Iphone in another hand over Frodo’s (Pet
Goldfish) holy sanctum.

The choice was his!

Without wasting a second from the moment he opened his eyes, He knew he was not gonna leave the
room with a Stubble!
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